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Children are a gift from God … Psalm 127:3

The arrival of a new baby is a great opportunity to thank God for the precious gift of your child.

By offering special dedication ceremonies, Love Life Church helps parents, family members, and friends celebrate this special occasion in a way they will always remember.

These events typically take place during our Sunday services, and they give parents the opportunity for a  family dedication – where as parents, you commit yourselves to abide by Biblical principles and to raise your children according to God’s standards. Not only do you dedicate your child to God, you also  dedicate yourselves, as parents, to Christ and the church.

Following each dedication service, families are free to enjoy a time for photographs and interaction with others participants. Each child is given a special certificate announcing each child’s dedication.

If you’re interested in dedicating your child at this event, simply fill out the registration form so we can plan for your child’s dedication.