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Join LOVE LIFE as we commit to a fun and invigorating Fit4LIFE 21 day challenge!
This challenge is designed to help you start the New Year healthier, stronger, and happier, focusing on the transformation of the whole man- spirit, soul, and body!

Fit4LIFE starts Monday, January 10th!

→ No junk food

→ Daily devotional (reading, meditating, praying/confessing Scripture)

→ Daily exercise (minimum 20 minutes of physical activity) 

∗ Before entering into a significant change to your diet and exercise routine, it is a good idea to check with your health professional for their input. If you have any known medical condition or suspect such condition, consult your doctor before beginning this program. The Fit4LIFE program is voluntary and is in no way a mandatory action for our church.

** Fit4LIFE manual and 21 Day Devotional available for sale at guest services.**

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